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Grace Aw

With every effort spent on enhancing our already robust platform, Grace joined Prestige in Sep 2010 as a Senior Partner, carrying with her more than 20 years of experience in the financial markets. She began her career as a broker at Astley & Pearce in the Commodity space, specializing in precious metals before joining Tulletts covering FX Money Markets in the interbank markets, focusing mainly on G7 currencies.

With the growth in the emerging markets, Grace was hired as a senior broker, focusing on Regional currencies at Harlow Ueda Sassoons. With her vast experience in the interbank markets, she was hired by ICAP to help build the Interest Rates Derivative desk, talking to regional banks in the emerging markets.

With her 3 years of experience in the commodity space, 12 years in the FX / Money Markets and coupled with 10 years of experience in the Interest Rates Derivative markets, Prestige is well positioned to be a top player within the global markets front office space.

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